April 5, 2018

Claim Your Token

You Can Claim Your Token By Donating Your ETH If You Donate minimum 0.001 ETH You Get Back 700 P3T Coin. You can donate as much ETH you want, If you donate more than 0.001 ETH you get back more Coin Like if You Donate 0.01 ETH You Get 7000 P3t Coin. You can also do multi Transaction at once from single wallet any time.


Gas Limit 100000

Contract Address 0x1266e24384701b094767d635a81a1001a3e54c36

Send Minimum 0.001 ETH Otherwise we are not responsible if you get token or not.

Crowd Sale 700 PetsCoin = 0.001ETH
Private Sale 700 PetsCoin = 0.01 ETH
After Listing on Exchange 1 PetsCoin = 0.15USD

What we do with your Donation Read Below

PetsCoin is for everybody. There will be no initial coin offering (ICO). We will not raise any funds for token distributions. All of the tokens will be distributed in several airdrop rounds to our badass Pets community for FREE. However, donations to the PetsCoin community are highly appreciated. We uses these donations to cover the transaction costs during airdrops, exchange listing fees, fees for hosting this web space, and for all future implementations with the PetsCoin project. All donations will be used to move the PetsCoin community to an even more powerful level.