1000 PetsCoin For Watching Video

One of PetsCoin Fan make a great video about Dog House our team decided to this video as rewarding coin. If some one watch this video complete after video ending our system automatic asking submit your ETH address just wait for finishing Video. This Airdrop Is Over.  

Twitter Follower Airdrop

Welcom our Offical PetsCoin Page1st 500 Person Get 200 Free PETsCoinRules:.1. Follow US2. Retweet This3. Comment Your ETH4. Wait for Your PETsCoin5. Enjoy & Chill Our Contract0x4fdef6d9b1995e7205f5c849cd7b949f5c37e296 — PetsCoin (@CoinPets) April 4, 2018 Welcom our Offical PetsCoin Page 1st 500 Person Get 200 Free PETsCoin Rules:. 1. Follow US 2. Retweet This 3. Comment Your Read more about Twitter Follower Airdrop[…]